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When work and enjoyment go “arm by arm“

Although till 2011 she had been connected to cookery only by the fact that she is a passionate gourmand, after starting the Institute she soon found herself in the waters, where top quality kitchen managers from all over the world are swimming. Find out closer ambitious and inspiring life story behind executive manager of Kul IN, Ivana Peleš and meet the lecturer of our new subject Restaurant Management.

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Become a part of Kul IN’s team!

Following our students during their education and internships, and encouraging them during the beginning of their careers at new restaurants is our goal at Culinary Institute Kul IN. We continually strive to improve the culinary profession and expand the boundaries of knowledge. Join us as a part of the culinary future! Enrollment period is opened till July 1, 2016!

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Managers in Culinary Arts

The goal of our programs is, besides developing practical knowledge and skills from the culinary cultures worldwide, to offer the basics to our students so that they can create their own identity all over the world by their further work. Because of the fact that we expect our students, after having finished some of the offered programs, to work in tourism and service industry, we consider that, besides the already mentioned culinary knowledge and skills, it is necessary to develop their business, communicative and managing skills as well. That is why the subject Restaurant management has been made a part of the compulsory program.

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Sweet Italy

Every real professional has to be consistent, noble and open, this is what I strive for and what I teach my students. Everyone can be creative at a certain point, but it is not easy to keep that creativity. Therefore, it is of great importance to be consistent and to keep and build your knowledge, because only it is constant as is professionalism.

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Cooking is communication

This restaurant is not like the others. Apart from the fact that there are incredibly tasty, they pay great attention to esthetichs. Very nice dishes, very beautiful serving. Very nice interior and music. In just two years of operation they received the first Michelin star. And we are confident that soon the restaurant will get a second star. The restaurant has its own fruit and vegetable garden with aromatic herbs. New internship experience from Italy

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Knowledge runs the inspiration

Innovative and talented teaching chef Tomislav Primorac is a new staff member at Kul IN educational team. As promising and very ambitious chef Tomislav enjoys sharing his knowledge and energy with the students. At his culinary practicums students will have a chance to master basics of cooking, garnishing and recognizing product quality.

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Matching California and Croatia brings you to Lovro Miklauzic

Growing in the family with their own wine-cellar, situated at the slopes of Moslavina vineyards, Lovro developed curiosity towards wine as a little boy. Following his father and helping in all procedures of vine cultivation and wine production, he learned to recognize and appreciate good quality wine. Gaining experience at Moslavina vineyards, Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb and California, Lovro today is expert in world class wines.

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Blending future chefs with wine culture

To achieve top quality gastronomy experience, menus are always rounded with a carefully chosen droplet of wine. Cookery and wine are inseparable obverse of each table and for centuries they have been developing harmoniously, continuously creating new trends in gastronomy. In order to prepare our students of culinary and pastry programs for managerial posts in restaurants and hotels, we have decided to include the subject Wines in all culinary programs.

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Discovering the world in order to become a better chef

Travelling and studying are the perfect combination. Exploring new languages, cultures, and life styles, students have the ideal opportunity to get a clearer picture of the diverse beauty the world has to offer while studying abroad.

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Cuisine is the Child of the Age within which It Lives

Future cook must be able to bring a cultural segment or a bit of their personal gastronomic traditions into their cooking as an essential stamp of individuality.

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Dim sum philosophy of life

Preparing dim sum demands very skillful chefs who perfected fundamentals of minutely preparation. Meet Leung Kin Sum and Chan Chun Hung, two incredible teachers and chefs who showed us the magic and wisdom of Cantonese Cuisine.

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All The Flavors of the World in a Single Pot

This career offers a lot of satisfaction. Although the work is hard, you can meet all kinds of people and travel the whole world. And when you see your customers with happy faces, or when you receive a compliment, there is no greater satisfaction in the world than that.

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    Culinary Institute Kul IN is the first private culinary and restaurant management college in Croatia. Our mission is to guarantee you the best professional culinary education possible...

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    Our vision is to uphold the reputation of an institute for higher education. We are professional in our work and integrated with our surrounding community...

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    The Culinary Institute Kul IN is inspired by the wonders of the world’s culinary delicacies, and is Croatia’s leader in educating students interested in the culinary arts...

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    Professional Cook of Italian Cuisine Program


Our programs

The Culinary Institute Kul In inspires perfection in the culinary world, and is Croatia’s leader in educating students interested in the culinary arts. Our innovative approach to culinary education emphasizes  individual creativity, highlighting
the details that each student’s unique background and experiences add to their cooking. We don’t simply make chefs; we make future culinary leaders, and thus change the way the world views gastronomy.

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